🖼️CashCow Collectible NFTs

CashCow Collectible NFTs will consist on different art collections created by NFT artists which will also offer benefits to holders just like Genesis NFTs, but lower rewards, as these will have higher supply.

HappyCows Collection

First NFT Collection of CashCow Collectible NFTs with a max supply of 1000 NFTs.

Additional benefits and use cases. Holders of this NFTs will be considered Rare CashCow Community Members.

HappyCow NFTs were minted for 100,000 $MILK each and randomly by combining 8 different layers (traits), each with different probabilities.

All NFTs will be a unique combination of these traits, and only 1000 out of 36000 possible combinations will only exist as an NFT.

Traits Probabilities



Angus 20%, Hereford 20%, Brahman 20%, Holstein 20%, Highland 20%


Farm 50%, Graffiti 50%


No Horns 40%, Small 30%, Medium 20%, Large 10%


Small 20%, Medium 20%, Big 20%, Glasses1 13%, Glasses2 13%, Glasses3 14%


No Accessory 50%, Accessory1 25%, Accessory2 25%


Lips0 40%, BrownLips 30%, PurpleLips 15%, No Tooth 10%, Gold Tooth 5%


Clothing1 20%, Clothing2 20%, Clothing3 20%, Clothing4 20%, Clothing5 20%


Normal 80%, Purple 20%

Note: Percentages represent trait probability of that specific variation of the trait.

After all NFTs are minted, CashCow Collectible will be still able to be bought and sold on CashCow NFT Market.

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