English Whitepaper

CashCow Genesis NFTs

The CashCow Genesis NFTs are one of the most valuable assets of CashCow Protocol. Minted in Stage 2 of the roadmap. Low supply. All Unique. Community-created. Historical value.
Additional benefits and use cases. Holders of this NFTs will be considered Legendary CashCow Community Members. Max amount to be minted: 100
10 out of 100 CashCow Genesis NFTs will be memes created by the community itself, and will be rewarded to the community in different activities, contests and games.
CashCow Genesis NFTs' value is determined by it's historical meaning and hold at least one of them will be considered Legendary Members.
Owning a Genesis NFT will allow users to get a free Common and Uncommon Packs and be on the whitelist for the purchase of Rare Packs at the moment of the pre-sale of NFT Packs for CashCow Farm . You will also have many more benefits, like be eligible for participating on airdrops and giveaways among other use cases we plan to develop in the future.