NFT Market

In the NFT Market, CashCow Community will be able to trade CashCow NFTs by using Milk Token.

Genesis NFTs, Collectibles NFTs, and CashCow Farm NFTs (Cows NFT, Bulls NFT, and Land NFT) will all be available to trade on the same NFT Market.

There will be a 10% fee on each NFT trade that occurs on the NFT Market and this fee will be used for burning and rewarding CashCow Community by distributing rewards for Rare and Legendary Members.

Marketplace Contract: 0xaBdAEf681D34923184Cba8C0dD8f6ea9B6473f89

All contracts are audited by Certik.

Trade your NFTs

List your NFTs on NFT Market

In My NFTs, you can view NFTs you are selling as well as those you hold in your wallet for listing on NFT Market.

  1. NFTs to list

  2. NFTs for sale

  3. List your NFTs

Buy NFTs on NFT Market

On NFT Market you can view all NFTs for sale. You can sort the list by price, even by the different collections of NFTs available.

  1. Sort the list

  2. Choose the NFT you want to purchase

  3. Ownership indicator

  4. Buy the NFT

  5. Information about the NFT

  6. Traits of the NFT

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