NFT Staking

Using NFT Staking to monetize your CashCow NFT collection.

NFT Staking has been integrated into CashCow DApp in the third stage. CashCow NFT protocol holders will benefit from additional Staking Pools.

CashCow NFTs come in three different kinds:

  • CashCow Genesis NFTs: Low supply. All Unique. 10 Community Created NFTs. Some of them are memes. Historical value. Additional benefits and use cases to come. To be launched on stage 1 and 2 of the roadmap.

  • CashCow Collectible NFTs: Mid supply. All Unique. Different Series. Created by NFT artists. Additional benefits and use cases to come. To be launched on stage 3 of the roadmap.

  • CashCow Farm NFTs: These are the NFTs that will be used on the game. There will be different kinds and a higher supply, with different rarities. To be launched on stage 4 of the roadmap.

Currently, Genesis and HappyCow NFTs can be deposited into 2 new Staking pools to passively generate yields in $MILK tokens.

Reward Mechanism

This NFT staking mechanism requires to set an start-block and an end-block.

The reward rate can be set with two parameters:

  • The time from the start-block to the end-block.

  • The amount of $MILK deposited at the start.

The $MILK used as a reward does not come from the same source as the Milk Bar or Milk Farm, but rather from three main sources:

  • NFT Marketplace transaction fees.

  • From the sale of the NFT Happy Cows.

  • From the team wallet.

Near of the end-block, CashCow DAO Governance will evaluate the possibility of extending farming time, as well as increasing or decreasing the distribution.

Currently, the end-block is scheduled to be executed on March 04, 2023. The deposit created was 25.000.000 $MILK and will be used to reward the investors of 2 NFT Staking pools during 6 months:

  • 12.500.000 $MILK for 100 CashCow Genesis NFTs.

  • 12.500.000 $MILK for 1000 CashCow Collectible NFTs.


Milk Power and Reward Calculations:

Milk Power represents the Milk Token mining power that a CashCow NFT.

The scarcity of NFTs is related to their Milk Power. CashCow Genesis NFTs have 10 times more mining power than CashCow Collectible NFTs. .

NFTSupplyMilk Power

CashCow Genesis NFT



CashCow Collectible NFT



NFT Staking Rules

  • NFTs cannot be in the NFT Market, NFT Staking and Farm at the same time.

  • Only 10 NFTs of each type may be staked per wallet.

Stake your NFTs

  1. NFT Staking Pools: Happy Cows / Genesis

  2. Harvest of yields: harvesting all $MILK tokens at once.

  3. NFT Staking Dashboard:

    • Milk Earned

    • Total Staked: staked NFTs by all users

    • My Staked: staked NFTs by you

    • Total Milk Power: all users mining power

    • My Milk Power: mining power of all the NFTs you staked

    • Daily Milk: $MILK recollected in 1 day per 100 Milk Power. This value is x10 if a Genesis.

  4. Stake/Unstake Button

  5. Add NFT

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