English Whitepaper

CashCow Token

CashCow Token is the first feature of the protocol, which is a fairly launched, low supply and highly deflationary DeFi Token.

Earn by Just Holding

Simply hodl $COW tokens in your wallet and you will get more. Earning crypto was never this simple.
CashCow Token Contract Address: 0x8b6fa031c7d2e60fbfe4e663ec1b8f37df1ba483​



  • 2.000.000 Max Supply
  • 50% Supply Burned at Launch
  • Liquidity locked
Every CashCow Token transaction is subject to a 10% fee set on a simple re-distribution system:
  • 2% CashCow DAO Treasury
  • 4% Reflections and Token Burn
  • 4% Automatic LP Acquisition
*These percentages cannot be changed, they are defined on the token contract and not even the team can modify them.


HODL $COW to earn $COW. One more important feature of CashCow Token is that for each transaction a 4% of the tokens will be redistributed to all $COW holders.
According to the amount of tokens you have, you will get your share of this 4%. This is a constant process that happens in real time, so you will see your Cash Cow income automatically increase in your wallet. Passive income earned while you sleep.
Simply HODL $COW tokens in your wallet and you will get more. Earning crypto was never this simple.

LP Acquisition

Automatic liquidity creation. 4 % of every transaction contributes toward automatically generating further liquidity on PancakeSwap. Benefiting long term holders the most, also ensuring our members can always sell their CashCow whenever they please.

Token Burn

Deflationary burning mechanism. 50% of the total suplly was burned at launch, the Burn Address will always be the biggest $COW holder while burning an increasing portion of the reflection fee.

DAO Treasury

2% of every transaction is added to the CashCow DAO Treasury.
In order to sustain the growth of the community and protocol for an extended period of time, numerous marketing and development activities are carried out with these funds.
  • Continually advance the development roadmap.
  • Incentives for engage the community in activities.
  • Reward Ambassadors and CowFluencers.
  • Promote CashCow through Marketing actions.
  • Additional burns.


CashCow Token holders have lots of benefits in all the CashCow Protocol ecosystem:
  • CashCow Token is the Governance token for making proposals and taking the decisions for the whole CashCow Protocol Ecosystem.
  • By holding CashCow in your wallet you will receive your cut of 4% on every transaction. Passive income earned while you sleep.
  • Community Members can access special benefits by becoming Legendary, Rare, Uncommon and Common Community Members.
  • $COW can be staked to earn $MILK in our Staking DApp.​
  • Holders of 1 $COW or more, will be able to use the CashCow Farm NFT Market.
  • The $COW staked on the farm will act as a MilkPower Booster on CashCow Farm.

How to invest in $COW?

$COW are best purchased and sold through PancakeSwap. $COW is a decentralized experiment and, as such, we always incentivize the use of DEXs.
Due to CashCow Tokenomics, remember to set slippage tolerance over 11% so your transaction can go through.