English Whitepaper

Milk Token

Milk Token is the token with the following use cases:
  • Rewarding CashCow Staking Pools Users (Milk Farm, Milk Bar and NFT Staking)
  • Minting CashCow Collectible NFTs
  • NFT Market Currency
  • Minting Cow NFTs and Bull NFTs by Breeding in CashCow Farm.

$MILK Tokenomics

$MILK tokenomics are totally different compared to CashCow Token.
As CashCow are able to produce infinite milk, $MILK will have infinite supply, but will have a burning mechanism in which part of all $MILK used on the NFT Marketplace will be burned.
Milk Token Contract Address: 0xe5bd6c5b1c2df8f499847a545838c09e45f4a262

Emission Mechanism

Milk Per Block: parameter set in the Masterchef Contract, which also provides Milk to the different Yield Farming pools (Milk Farm and Milk Bar) of the DApp and soon to CashCow Farm.
*The Blocks per day parameter is set up by the BNB Chain, an can be considered a constant of 20 (Blocks Per Minute) * 60 (Minutes Per Hour) * 24 (Hours Per Day) = 28800 BlocksPerDay.
The current emission rate is 30 MilkPerBlock, and was decided by the community through the CashCow DAO Governance in proposal #1. Historically, there are three periods of MILK minting according to their emission:
1 - At the launch of the Staking DApp (October 22, 2021), the emission rate was 90 MilkPerBlock.
2- The emission rate was halved (November 23, 2021) and will remain at 45 MilkPerBlock until the community proposes to change it through CashCow DAO Governance.
3- Reduction of MilkPerBlock through CashCow DAO Governance in proposal #1. The MILK emission rate has been reduced from 45 to 30 MilkPerBlock.
In the future, a CashCow Farm Pool will be created for minting the MILK that will be produced by Cows NFTs, but this won't impact the emission schedule of Staking Pools.

How to get $MILK?

There are many ways to get or earn $MILK