🥛Milk Token

Milk Token is the token with the following use cases:

  • Rewarding CashCow Staking Pools Users (Milk Farm, Milk Bar and NFT Staking)

  • Minting CashCow Collectible NFTs

  • NFT Market Currency

  • Minting Cow NFTs and Bull NFTs by Breeding in CashCow Farm.

$MILK Tokenomics

$MILK tokenomics are totally different compared to CashCow Token.

As CashCow are able to produce infinite milk, $MILK will have infinite supply, but will have a burning mechanism in which part of all $MILK used on the NFT Marketplace will be burned.

Milk Token Contract Address: 0xe5bd6c5b1c2df8f499847a545838c09e45f4a262

Emission Mechanism

Milk Per Block (MPB): parameter set in the Masterchef Contract, which also provides Milk to the different Yield Farming pools (Milk Farm and Milk Bar) of the DApp and soon to CashCow Farm.

*The Blocks per day parameter is set up by the BNB Chain, an can be considered a constant of 20 (Blocks Per Minute) * 60 (Minutes Per Hour) * 24 (Hours Per Day) = 28800 Blocks Per Day.

The current emission rate is 10 Milk Per Block (MPB), and was decided by the community through the CashCow DAO Governance Proposal 10. Historically, there are three periods of MILK minting according to their emission:

1 - At the launch of the CashCow DApp (October 22, 2021), the emission rate was 90 MPB.

2- The emission rate was halved (November 23, 2021) and will remain at 45 MPB until the community proposes to change it through CashCow DAO Governance.

3- MPB reduction was executed based on the results of CashCow DAO Governance Proposal 1 (March 5, 2022) . The MPB emission rate was reduced from 45 to 30 MPB

4- A reduction in MPB has been implemented following the results of CashCow DAO Governance Proposal 10 (August 20, 2023). The current MPB emission rate has been adjusted from 30 to 10 MPB.

It is to be noted that an extra 10% of MILK tokens are minted in addition of those distributed as rewards to all liquidity contributors. These tokens are allocated to a wallet owned by the protocol's Marketing and Development team and can be managed based on decisions derived from CashCow's DAO Governance.

In the future, a CashCow Farm Pool will be created for minting the MILK that will be produced by Cows NFTs, but this won't impact the emission schedule of Staking Pools.

How to get $MILK?

There are many ways to get or earn $MILK

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