🌏Ambassador's Program

WE NEED YOU: Get involved in the community

CashCow Protocol is a community-driven and decentralized project supported by a dynamic and global team. The Ambassador program's goal is to offer an easy and simple way for everyone to contribute to the CashCow Protocol while being rewarded with $COW in exchange for the value added. The program includes a rewards mechanism which is focused on being fair, transparent and dynamic.

Not everyone has money to invest, but everyone can invest time. The Ambassador Program is here to offer the community the opportunity to earn $COW by contributing to CashCow Protocol.This program is one of the pillars of the protocol, the members of the ambassadors team will have the responsibility to support and grow the community.

If you want to get involved and contribute to the protocol, you should join our team of ambassadors.

Ambassador Program 3.1 Explanation

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