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Referral Program

Earn $COW with the Referral Program:
CashCow Protocol is a community-driven project that promotes organic growth. The referral program, like the different programs in CashCow, is an instrument of the community to contribute to the growth of the project and continue with the fulfillment of the common objectives.
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Reward system explained

Refer your friends and get 5% of their purchase in $COW

The participants will obtain as a reward the equivalent of 5% of the purchase of their referral. That is, if the referral buys 100, they will earn 5 $COW. And if they buy 5000, they will earn 250 $COW.
The rounds, which last one month, will close on the last day of the month and the rewards will be delivered during the first week of each month. Once the rewards have been delivered, a leaderboard with the users who have referred will be generated.