What will the game's NFT package sales be like?

The more $COW you have in holding, the better rarities you can buy.
The possibility of buying packs will depend on your position in the list of holders with the highest amount of COW or the possession of Genesis NFT or Collectibles NFT.

What are Genesis NFTs?

The CashCow Genesis NFTs belong to the first collection of CashCow Protocol NFT Art, made by a professional artist, each NFT has between 4 and 6 hours of work. These Genesis NFTs are the most precious and valued assets for the CashCow community, whoever owns any of them will be a member of the Legendary Community, allowing them to get a free uncommon pack and be on the whitelist for the purchase of rare packs at the moment of the pre-sale of packs for the farm game. You will also have many more benefits in the future.

What are NFT CashCow Collectibles and where will they be purchased?

The CashCow Collectibles NFT will be a collection of 1000 NFT collectibles designed by professional artists, they can be traded on the CashCow Protocol Dapp in our NFT marketplace and their price will be set in token Milk.

How much will the game NFTs or packs cost?

We have not yet defined the prices of the packs or the NFTs of the game, they depend on the price of the $ MILK token at the time of launch as well as the rarity of the pack. There will be different ways to enter the game:
1) Buying a starter pack with $MILK
  • Holding $ COW to stay on the whitelist of the packs. Buy $ MILK to buy the pack.
  • Holding $ COW to stay on the whitelist of the packs. Staking $ COW to earn $ MILK to buy the pack.
2) Through the marketplace after the launch of the game.