💰CashCow DApp

CashCow DApp has the purpose of decentralizing the protocol’s economy by offering an intuitive and easily accessible platform that integrates multiple forms of DeFi investing.

The goal for this feature is to incentivize long term holding and liquidity provision by the community, so liquidity can also be decentralized and always rewarded.

Earn $MILK by using CashCow DApp

The CashCow Protocol Ecosystem has a Decentralized Application that offers several ways to earn passive income in $MILK:

  • Earn $MILK tokens on Milk Farm by staking LP Tokens.

  • Earn $MILK tokens on Milk Bar by staking $COW and $MILK Tokens.

  • Earn $MILK tokens by Genesis NFT and HappyCow NFT Staking.

  • Trade on NFT Market with $MILK tokens.

CashCow Dapp: https://app.cashcowprotocol.com/

All contracts are audited by Certik.

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