CashCow Staking
CashCow Staking DApp is another way to earn passive income (in $MILK) within the CashCow Protocol Ecosystem. You can get high APRs by adding MILK-BUSD or COW-BUSD liquidity but you can also do single token staking with $COW, $MILK, and other Partner's tokens.
The goal for this feature is to incentivize long term holding and liquidity provision by the community, so liquidity can also be decentralized and always rewarded.

Current Staking Pools:

  • COW-BUSD Pancakeswap LP Pool (40% of MilkPerBlock)
  • MILK-BUSD Pancakeswap LP Pool (15% of MilkPerBlock)
  • COW Token Pool (30% of MilkPerBlock)
  • MILK Token Pool (10% of MilkPerBlock)
  • Partner Pool: GOL Token Pool (5% of MilkPerBlock)
The DApp was reviewed by with the "Some Risk" Category.
All contracts are audited by Certik.
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