English Whitepaper

Farm FAQ

When does the Farm come out?

CashCow goals are set with objectives, not by dates. The game is planned for stage 4 of our roadmap​

What is the minimum to be able to play?

To be able to buy the common pack, it is enough to have 1 $COW. Later we will explain some more details.

How will multi-accounts be avoided?

As the project is designed, especially in relation to gaming, there will be no problem with multi-accounts because there is no incentive for it. There are no gifts, no free basic pack or other perks that encourage the claim of NFTs through other wallets.

Will there be an oracle?

It has been valued, but we also know that this is not a foolproof option. We want to ensure a robust economy in both bullish and bearish times within the Crypto environment. We will do simulations and behavior tests with and without oracle following various schemes and possible situations. Still, there are other more reliable options to implement. For example, the mining capacity through the MilkPower variable among other options.

Can the Farm NFTs be purchased with $ MILK or $ COW?

The NFT Packs for the game will be traded for BUSD.

How will you keep the game economy stable and long lasting?

CashCow has everything thought out. The $COW Token is a super deflationary token, designed to increase in value over time. The $MILK token will have different burning mechanisms. To maintain the stability of the game, we are designing its economy to be sustainable in the long term, offering a reasonable ROI, and with limitations in all aspects, so that no variable within the game can trend to infinity. Another measure we take to maintain its stability is to make it as simple as possible, since the more complex it is, the more difficult it is to keep it stable.

And how do I know my position in the top holders?

To participate in the whitelist it is enough to have at least 1 COW in your wallet. The position can be checked in the BscScan. Go to look for your wallet holders list.
The position is provisional, at all times. We will review the final list one week before the launch of the game in stage 4 of our roadmap. We will notify in sufficient time in advance the date when we are going to close the whitelist.

Does what I have in staking in the DApp also count to occupy a position in the whitelist?

No, only what is in the wallet will be taken into account, but we will notify you before reviewing the list so that you can make your decisions. Remember that with only 1 COW, you can choose to buy a common pack, which would be the most basic.

How do I claim my COW benefit for having it in my wallet?

You don't have to do anything, it's automatic. Check from time to time the amount you have and you will see that little by little it is increasing. The greater the quantity purchased, the greater the benefit you get.

What will the Farm's NFT Packs sales be like?

The more $COW you have holding, the better rarities you can buy.
The possibility of buying NFT packs will depend on your position in the list of holders with the highest amount of COW or the possession of Genesis NFT or Collectibles NFT.