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CashCow DAO Governance

Governance Process of CashCow Protocol
CashCow Protocol is conceived from its beginnings as a community-driven project, and aims to enable users to actively participate in decision making.
Decentralization is one of the fundamental pillars of the CashCow Protocol, and a key aspect to achieve it is the implementation of a clear and transparent governance process.

Governance Process

This document describes the process for developing and promoting CashCow Protocol governance proposals. It is a living document, open to possible modifications proposed by the CashCow Protocol community through this same governance process.

Phase 1: Preliminary Discussion

The purpose of this phase is for each member of the community to bring to the Discord and Telegram the discussion about the proposal they want to bring to a vote for open discussion with the CashCow Protocol community.
Communication will be made with the various community groups in the networks to make known the proposal that is intended to be initiated. The proposal is discussed and team leaders are asked to provide feedback. Be willing to answer questions on the subject. Share your point of view, trying to be as unbiased as possible.
After the proposal has been discussed and evaluated, prepare a draft proposal.
The key information to include in the draft is:
  • Objective of the Proposal
  • Description of the Proposal
  • Expected Results
  • Requirements
Once the draft is completed, you can move on to the Decision Making phase.

Phase 2: Decision Making

This phase consists of the creation of the final proposal using the Snapshot platform, in order to be submitted for voting.
Once voting is enabled, the information will be disseminated to the community to promote the participation of as many members as possible.
After the voting is completed, there are only two options, the proposal can be:
  1. 1.
    Approved (Moves on to the implementation phase).
  2. 2.
    Not Approved (Discarded)
Established parameters:
  • The quorum of votes for a vote to be valid is 10000 votes. (1 COW = 1 Vote)
  • The governance process will start from 50 members registered in Snapshot.
  • Only those wallets with more than 50 $COW tokens will be able to submit proposals.
  • The proposal with the highest number of votes by simple majority will be eligible to vote.

Phase 3: Implementation

Once a proposal is approved, the next step is to develop an implementation plan, including the time, resources and personnel requirements for implementation.
The implementation plan will depend on the nature of the proposal, its complexity and the prerequisites for its execution.
The manner in which a proposal is implemented will be largely determined by the CashCow Protocol team, based on resource requirements, priorities, staff availability and reasonable time frames.
Once the implementation plan is finalized, the community will be informed of the estimated timelines and the implementation will proceed.


Discord and Telegram

A channel in the Discord server and a topic in the Telegram group are established as a place for discussion and polling of the proposals to be voted on. The objective of this space will be to propose ideas, discuss proposals, conduct preliminary polls and prepare drafts of each proposal. It is very important that all proposals are openly discussed in the community before being submitted to vote.


Snapshot is a simple voting interface that allows users to participate in the governance of the protocol. Snapshot votes are weighted by the number of COW tokens in the wallet used to vote in a 1:1 ratio according to the number of tokens in their integer portion. See Proposal Creation Guide & Voting Guide.
Snapshot CashCow Governance Access

Proposals implemented